The funeral for a top Lebanese security official has turned violent as protesters demanding the resignation of the government poured into the streets around central Beirut amid teargas, rock throwing and the occasional burst of gunfire by security forces. Lebanon’s political opposition had called upon protesters to use the funeral of General Wissam al-Hassan, who died in a car bomb assassination on Friday afternoon in central Beirut, as an opportunity to protest at the current government’s perceived support for the Syrian regime.


After a number of speeches by opposition politicians that directly accused Syria of murdering Hassan for investigating a series of violent plots and assassinations against opposition members, protesters turned their fury on the nearby office of the prime minister, Najib Mikati. Mikati tendered his resignation to the president, Michel Sleiman, on Saturday but agreed to stay in office until a national unity government could be formed. [Link]



Sons of slain intelligence officer Wissam al-Hassan sit next to Tripoli Mufti



Protesters clash with police in Beirut



A highway link to Beirut International airport is blocked by garbage containers laid by Suklen



Sunni Muslim protesters burn tires and block street in Beirut as they protest against killing of Officer


Protesters advance towards the governmental palace as policemen fire tear gaz


Protesters clash with police as they try to storm the Lebanese government in Beirut



A wounded protester is helped during clashes with Lebanese security forces in Beirut



Members of the Internal Security Forces carry coffin of slain intelligence officer Hassan



People gather holding flags as coffin of slain intelligence officer Hassan is carried




Thousands of people carry flags as they gather for burial of slain intelligence officer




Lebanon’s police chief Rifi and Interior Minister Charbel stand in front of coffinsof Officer Wissam Al Hassan



Lebanese protesters chant slogans against the Lebanese government



The two sons of Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan, who was assassinated on Friday


Father of slain intelligence officer Wissam al-Hassan is being comforted




An anti Syrian regime protester reacts in Martyrs’ Square for the funeral for the country