Genealogy is as old as recorded history, the Bible chronicles family lineage in both the Old and New Testaments, and royalty lines are noted in the annals of the ancient Sumerian, Babylonian. It is of enormous significance not only to princes but also at every level of society, to record genealogical trees because "your blood loyalties are colossally important." In this site you will be able to access the El Khazen genealogical tree. We are also in the process of adding more Lebanese families. Only with your help we will be able to assemble all different Lebanese families.

We succeeded to trace the De Khazen family lineage starting from 1415. The El Khazen genealogical tree is very precise from 1415 to 1950. Unfortunately, as you will notice the women were not added since in most of our historical records genealogists did not add women, which I think was a big mistake. This is why I ask you to send me any information you have to continuously update the tree. To View the De Khazen tree, Please click at:


Genealogical Tree

The information posted on this website does not support or favor any views or stances of any person in the Khazen family. is an objective website. We post all the information we receive regarding the Khazen family, whether we agree with it or not. This website is purily informative, and does not take any particular stance.

Document (Source Abouna Philippe El Khazen)

Document 1 (Source Abouna Philippe El Khazen)


The below document shows that the El khazen’s are descendants of Ghassasina tribe and that Al-Ghasani family great father is Farah the brother of Nemer El Khazen

Al-Ghasani Family Tree