The Obama administration cautioned on Wednesday that the terror threat to western outposts in the Middle East and Africa will not necessarily subside in the wake of Yemen’s claim to have foiled a large-scale plot to attack an important port.

As details of the alleged plot emerged from the government in Sana’a, new US drone strikes reportedly killed seven alleged fighters of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in the southern Yemeni province of Shabwa. Residents reported seeing two vehicles and several bodies on fire.

Rajeh Badi, press adviser to Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindwa, said the plot involved dozens of fighters in Yemeni army uniforms storming the facilities on Sunday night, and holding them. Yemeni officials spoke of a plan to take control of the Mina al-Dhaba oil terminal, which is run by Canada, in the Mukallah region on the Arabian Sea.

Yet the US State Department said it would not reverse its decision on Tuesday to remove much of its personnel from the Sana’a embassy in what it termed an "ordered departure", nor to reopen the 19 diplomatic facilities it temporarily closed on Sunday throughout the Middle East and Africa in reaction to intelligence indicating an attack might be imminent. Britain and several other western countries followed suit.  [Link]