LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) – The 2014 election has been characterized as an American referendum on Obama’s tenure as president. Americans have been angered by NSA spying, alleged criminal behavior within the IRS, a lack of cooperation with investigations into corruption, frightening immigration policy, Ebola policy, and a general lack of impact against the rise of Islamic militancy, and this is the short list.

The impacts of this election are significant. Obama for example, could face impeachment, especially as congressional investigations gain steam. Notably, the subpoenaed Fast and Furious documents were turned over on Tuesday. Other impacts include the inability of Obama to confirm Supreme Court appointments for the next two years, which will guarantee the conservative makeup of the court for a considerable time. Liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is widely expected to depart office soon, and Obama will likely have difficulty filling the seat with someone he prefers.

His other policies will also be blocked if he does not concede to Republicans on other key issues. Effectively, Obama is a "lame duck" president with his wings now clipped close.

The new majority leader in the Senate will be Republican Mitch McConnell. Republicans gained seats in Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, Iowa, West Virginia, South Dakota and Montana. Several races remain uncalled but it is already clear, this morning brings news of a major Republican victory.

Speaker John Boehner will very likely serve a third term in the House.

Republicans also swept up governorships and other key races across the country. Gov. Pat Quinn lost in Illinois, Obama’s home state.

Polls taken yesterday reveal that most Americans are dissatisfied with the course of government. They are also displeased with Congress as well as with Obama.

The election cost over $4 billion and is the most expensive mid-term election in history. However, the 2016 elections will likely surprise everyone with the amount of money that will be spent and the viciousness of the coming fight.

Now that the Republicans have achieved their first goal on their path to shape government in their image, it comes time to see how they use the mandate given to them by the American people.