Throughout the next few days, we will be publishing a series of posts on the Khazens and the Maronite Church.  Ever since they moved to Keserwan in the 16th century, the Khazen family and its Cheikhs have shown a unique and unmatched interest in the Church and in helping it prosper and spread out. They took charge of the spiritual, cultural, apostolic and organizational matters and donated to the Church without asking for any return. 


Their relationship with the Maronite Church is a historical one and their bonds have been solid for centuries now and will only get stronger with time.


Here are the parts that this special historical series of posts will cover:


1- The Church Under The Patronage of the Khazens


2- The Role of the Khazens in electing the Maronite Patriarch


3- The Khazens and the Appointment of Maronite Bishops