The 28-year-old former US soldier who joined a Kurdish militia to fight against militants of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) is urging more military veterans to join the fight. Through his own profile and with the launch of a new Facebook page called "The Lions of Rojava," Jordan Matson is helping to recruit others across Europe, Australia, and the US, according to The Daily Mail. "We will pick you up on your arrival to the location they gave you to come," Matson wrote in a Facebook posting on Oct. 23. "It is a secured journey all through Kurdish held territory. Hope to see you soon brothers. Rock steady."

A native of Wisconsin, Matson served in the US Army for two years — though never in combat — and is one of at least three Americans who have joined Kurdish forces, according to Reuters. He was wounded by a mortar soon after he arrived in Syria.

Here’s one of his updates (lightly edited for clarity):

"If you have a valid passport and can afford the ticket and have saved money for a return ticket when you wish to leave, contact them. You will only need a few pairs of clothes for your off days and boots. If you wish to purchase body armor it can be purchased in Iraq during your travel. Otherwise all personal gear is up to you, be sure to check if it has a export law attached to it and do not bring any firearms or you may cause trouble for yourself."

Although he has recovered from his wounds, he’s been communicating with others who may wish to join him, according to The Mail. He’s warned potential recruits however that the Kurdish YPG is "being swarmed with messages."

"I’ve had ex-military ask from Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia, you name it," Matson told CNN. "They’ve been asking. ISIS has threatened all these countries that I’ve named to push their agenda in those nations, and the veterans of those nations who love their countries don’t want to sit by while this is happening."