Written by Malek Fady el Khazen
In response to an article that posted about the Notables and Laws:
I have read with great disappointment this article, first because they are wasting our time and secondly because they are either ignorant or what they claim is either lies or fiction and falsification of the Lebanese history. “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” (Marcus Garvey)
In the tayyar article they are praising and envy Tanios Chahine Rebellion:
1- Tanios Chahine has slaughtered young children and women all because their family name was el Khazen!
2- Tanios Chahine was used as a tool by the English and Ottomans to eliminate their historical rivals, the el Khazen family and to control the trade route from India to Lebanon
3- Tanios Chahine was also referred as "Cheikh el Chabeb" I thought Chahine was against feudalism? Why would he give himself a feudal title?
4- Tanios Chahine fight was only against one feudal family. One part of Chahine Jacquerie Rebellion was a result of a power struggle from one side the Abi-Lamaa family, England and turkey and from the other side the Khazen.
5- During the French revolution all the noble families were put aside from power or even eliminated. While during the 1858 so called rebellion there was not a single attack against feudal families except the Khazen. So the question is how did this rebellion end feudalism?
6- The results of the 1858 rebellion left the Maronites with no leaders which has caused the community of being slaughter during the 1860 massacres
7- Tanios Chahine fled in the 1860 massacres lead by the Druze against the Maronite community to hide in the el Khazen house and leaving his community.

Having clarified this I agree with their new statement, if the Tayyar would like to be the new Tanios Chahine and represent this new agenda of double standard and lies of the 21st century; Congratulation to them and Good luck to me a citizen of Keserouan. My worries as a citizen is: access to electricity power, the right to clean water, health care coverage, social security, and pension. In other words basic human rights request. I would like to remind the tayyar that the Khazen family is not part of the government. On the other hand the tayyar is represented in all 3 branches of the Lebanese State, Legislative, executive and Judicial. They have a responsibility to get us basic rights as citizens of Lebanon, and they are paid by us the Lebanese people to do so. Who cares what happened in 1858 or even Tanios Chahine? I can afford to take part of these debates because I do not work for the government so my time is free of use. But you are paid by the Lebanese "go back to work" and stop the falsification of history and wasting your time on issues that will not help us as citizens.
In the second part of their article they discuss and falsify clergy relationship with the Khazen. The difference between the Khazen relation and the Tayyar relation with the Maronite clergy is that the Khazen has always acted as the servants of the Church; this is represented by the Khazen Family Crest and deep believes described in Instead of using science fiction by inventing stories and pointing fingers at the Khazen, please back-up your accusations with facts. Unfortunately, the tayyar always seems to be the one requesting favors " in some cases disrespect the Maronite Clergy because of some political disagreement and I do not need to quote anyone to backup my claim and their relationship with the church since it is well-known to the Lebanese public,unlike the tayyar in their article quoting a "mysterious" priest without even mentioning his name to describe our relationship with the church. Is this a guessing game?
History has taught us that all of the political parties come and go the political parties are not stable, but the only one institution that is still very strong from 2000 years until now is the Church because it is based on faith, Love and forgiveness. This institution is lead in Antioch by His Eminence Cardinal Patriarch Sfeir and worldwide by our "rock" and hope the Pope Benedict XVI. The Church do not need me or need you to defend them they have their weapons of love, faith and power of forgiveness, that make them the strongest. Furthermore, these wakf, or lands that is mentioned in your fiction article is all materialistic, nothing worth to mention compared to our faith and love to the Church and deep believes in the holly Lebanese message lead by the Maronite Church which remained unchanged in Lebanon throughout Saint Maron era until now.
A last request and opinion for you to have some credibility before accusing others and because you tend to give many "lessons" in corruption, I defy your party and all of their leaders to be the example and display their bank accounts and information, instead of hiding offshore bank accounts to the Lebanese citizens.
You could argue? Where we stand depends on where we sit. This is the main reason why in our research from Tanios Chahine we use different famous historians and from different backgrounds and timeframe that described the historical events. The sources are mainly from: Machaalani, Priest Philippe el Khazen, Antoine Akiki, Kamal Salibi, Philippe Lenormant, Richard Van Leewan, P. Abbe Paul Naaman, Alain Chehwan and many others. The below paper will describe in complete detail: Causes of the Revolution and Results of the revolution from the sources.
Here is a link of the HISTORY from FAMOUS historians and articles:
Malek el Khazen