I have learned with great disappointment and sadness from a speech that H.E. General Michel Aoun has presented last Thursday April 2nd in front of the Lebanese students where he is praising Tanios Chahine and unfortunately General Aoun is just failing to GRASP or UNDERSTAND history and more dangerously trying to change the facts. All what I hope is that him seeking for the “TRUTH” is not the same with other problems that we are encountering in Lebanon. My reply is jut to clarify the position of Tanios Chahine and to correct the falsification of the Truth. I know you may say he is el Khazen for sure his position will be against Tanios Chahine. All what I ask you is to give me a chance and read my response and then YOU decide.

 The study of history is really an account of what one person does to another, what one group does to another, what one nation or group of nations does to other nations. How people interact! More specifically Learning and discussing Lebanese history is vital for Lebanese to better understand present situations and solve them. Those who are familiar with the Bible may remember that Solomon is reported to have said, "There is nothing new under the sun!" In other words, he thought that all that mankind could experience had already taken place. This is why I will be correcting what has been said about the role of Tanios Chahine. And furthermore it is shameful to be praising a criminal such as Chahine who has slaughtered young Children and women all because their family name was el Khazen! Is this the JUSTICE that H.E General Michel Aoun is looking for? It is all because of the PERCEPTION that some writers full of propaganda has published about Tanios Chahine at the time of the revolution in 1858 that has falsify history. Remember “History is written by the winners” (Alex Haley). Hence Falsification of history books and creation of a personality by the name “Tanios Chahine” that never have existed. “To the Catholics of Ireland Cromwell was a brute, The poor rural peasants he did persecute, Yet streets in his honor distant from England today The winners only write the history so true what they say.” (Francis Duggan)



I have also another question before speaking of facts. First let us consider that there is feudalism in Keserwan as they are referring. Before criticizing other why doesn’t he check on FEUDALISM in his TAYYAR. In fact, Minister Bassil second in ranks, rose to fame unexpectedly very quickly, I cannot recall anyone in the FPM party that rose to such high ranks as quick as Bassil? I am wondering about his family connection with General Aoun and if this has played a role? What about Alain Aoun? Also, from another perspective It is a ONE MAN party! In any democracy in the world do we have a ONE MAN party? No it is only in Lebanon! Where the leader remain head of his party and unchanged for decades. Worse the Leadership seems to be an inheritance. What a shame? And then they would like to criticize el Khazen family? Do they think we are stupid? At least the el Khazen has many representatives in their family UNLIKE any other family involved in politics. It is all election propaganda and slogans. I wish that one day we can go BEYOND Slogan and tackle real issues, instead of always pointing the fingers on other.
Lebanese Misunderstanding of the Role of Tanios Chahine and Results of the so-called 1858 Revolution: Most people’s understanding of Lebanese history was shaped by what they learned at school. Unfortunately, the school curriculum in Lebanon is sometimes simply incomplete or even wrong. Furthermore, it is a biased curriculum, wherein matters which were not agreed upon by politicians were prevented from being written in the books of history. A significant example is the Liberation war against Syria in 1989. Currently in the Lebanese schools, they portray Tanios Chahine as a hero. In reality, Tanios Chahine was the complete opposite (We described his actions more in the articles that are posted in Causes of the Revolution, Results of the Revolution and Leadership). In summary, Tanios Chahine was used as a tool by the English and Ottomans to eliminate their historical rivals, the el Khazen family and to control the trade route from India to Lebanon. Unfortunately, the actions of Tanios Chahine lead to the suffering of the Lebanese, especially the Maronites during the 1860 massacres and the Ottomans regained complete control of Mount Lebanon. Instead of acting as the leader of the Lebanese and defend its people he went into hiding (in the el Khazen house “irony du sort”) while the Lebanese paysan were being massacred with no leaders.
Tanios Chahine did not attack people representing feudalism but instead his allies were feudal families. His revolution was a result of a power struggle from one side the Abi-Lamaa family, England and turkey and from the other side the Khazen. Furthermore, Tanios Chahine was supported by Feudalism (Abi-Lamaa family) and foreign powers (England, Turkey) to end their political rival the Khazen family. Let us NOT forget that the Khazen family is responsible of the exodus of the MARONITE from the North to Mount Lebanon and more specifically to Keserwan. Where the Khazen’s has bought lands in these regions and offered many of the Lands to the Maronite Clergy and Maronite community as a whole. Remember Keserwan became so safe because of the el Khazen strengthening it this has resulted the move of residence of the Maronite Patriarch from Qannoubine to Bkerke (el Khazen wakf). In fact, the Patriarch in the North was continuously disrespected by the Hamade tribe. The Khazen first brought the Hamade tribe chief to the Patriarch who apologized personally and then to secure the Patriarch and his Honor helped him migrate from the North to Keserwan the heart of the Maronite nation. They have built a SAFE HAVEN that played the main role in the expansion of the Maronite community. And also Keserwan is the only LAND where General Aoun CAN represent himself with no fear in the election. Notice all of the el Khazen houses are known as “Manzoul” in other words they are all “cheap” but large houses and this is because their home were always open to the people when they needed a home. I have to ask myself, does the General have this policy in his castle in Rabieh? I will let you answer. Also let us not forget, the continuous work that the Khazen has achieved in Lebanon, under Fakrheeldine and strengthening the Lebanese army, building Kerserwan, monasteries, the great martyrs in 1916 and much more.
During the French revolution all the noble families were put aside from power or even eliminated. While during the 1858 revolution there was not a single attack against feudal families except the Khazen. So the question is did he end feudalism? Or did he support feudalism (Abi Lamaa) to eliminate political rivals of super power? If he was really against Feudalism why would he introduce himself as "Cheikh el Chabab"?
You could argue? Where we Stand depends on where we Sit? This is the main reason why we used in this article different sources from different famous historians and from different backgrounds and timeframe that described the historical events. The sources are mainly from: Machaalani, Priest Philippe el Khazen, Antoine Akiki, Kamal Salibi, Philippe Lenormant, and many others. The below paper will describe in complete detail: Causes of the Revolution and Results of the revolution from the sources.
Here is a link of the HISTORY from FAMOUS historians and articles:
Malek el Khazen