The Lebanese side of the Lebanese-Syrian committee tasked with following up issue of missing and detainees in Syria has received a list of 23 Lebanese who were recently freed from Syrian jails, An Nahar daily reported Tuesday.
The newspaper said that the Syrian side handed over the names of the 23 whose names were on a list that the Lebanese side had given to Syrian members of the committee.

The committee informed Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar that among the 23 Lebanese, 16 detainees were released after a special amnesty, according to An Nahar.

Najjar told Future News on Tuesday the committee wasn’t handed over any person. "We don’t know yet to whom the released (Lebanese) where handed over."

The newspaper added that Beirut had asked Damascus to unveil the fate of eight of the 23 people thinking they were missing.

The eight prisoners had been subject to trials in Syria, An Nahar said.

The released detainees are the following: Abbas Mohammed Abou Hamdan, Massoud Mohammed Hassan, Ismail Jamil Kalash, Ali Mustafa al-Jammal, Nizar Ali Yaghi, Nayef Mohammed al-Abdi, Ismail Attiyeh Gharli, Hani Abdel Rahim Mustafa, Hassan Mohammed al-Hujairi, Mohammed Shehade al-Flayti, Siham Ahmed Murtada, Rashed Mustafa Karnabi, Nadwa Khalif al-Sayyed, Jihad Saleh Yaghi, Hisham Hassan al-Dirani, Mahdi Nour Amoun, Nicola Nakhle al-Tabbal, Mohammed Deeb Youssef, Hassan Youssef Nasser, Mohammed Mahmoud Qanso, Hassan Ali Jaafar, Ibrahim Mohammed al-Haq and Shehade Assad Wehbi.

Beirut, 23 Jun 09, 08:18