Violence does not seem to be stopping any time soon in Syria and the country’s on the verge of a civil war if it hasn’t already sunk into one already. Indeed, the past few weeks have seen an escalation in violence whereas full scare battles have erupted between Assad’s troops and Syria’s proclaimed Free Army. As hundreds are killed every day, among which prominent foreign journalists and innocent civilians, Syria’s regime is becoming more and more isolated while the Syrian National Council seems to be paving the way for a new Syria.

Syria is surrounded by Turkey and Israel, whose political agenda differ immensely. Indeed, Turkey was the first to raise the tone against Assad at the beginning of the revolution, and  has been reportedly fortifying the opposition’s ranks and assisting the Syrian free army troops. Nevertheless, Syria’s kurds might prove to be a pickle for the Turks who are on a collision course with Syria.



Similarly, Assad’s regime was a sort of guarantee for the Israelis against Hamas and Hezbollah and other Islamist groups, but the ongrowing boycott of the Syrian regime by the International community will definitely make Israel reconsider its position, specially with the US harshly attacking the Syrian regime’s practices.

Moreover, the Arab countries, mainly KSA and Qatar seem determined to arming the opposition and taking down the regime by force if Assad refuses any initiative. This action will definitely deepen the sectarian divisions in the country between Sunnites and Alawites. In that context, Ghalyoun’s statements have hinted thoughts of division after he almost promised Kurds self-autonomy in exchange of helping the Syrians defeat Assad.

Having said all that, is Syria heading towards a military occupation? a full-scare civil war? a division? The next few months will surely shed the light on Syria’s future.