The Lebanese President General Michel Suleiman is continuously finding solutions and improving Lebanese infrastructure unlike others who claim to fight for the "rights" of the Lebanese and specifically the Maronites. offers its complete support to the President the Commander in Chief of all of Lebanon along with our beloved Patriarch Mar Bechara el Rai  the only ones representing the whole Maronite Community and fighting for a better and safer Lebanon. We will not tolerate anymore disrespect for the person or to the office when it is convenient for them. will not accept the double standard of some minorities and parties, once it is convenient for them they disrespect the office of the presidency or the Patriarch and in other instance they claim fighting for the "office" rights. I ask them to fight only for themsleves and start taking responsabilities for their actions instead of continuously pointing finders. .

The Lebanese Presidency as it is; The real office who represent the Maronites.