The Cigarette law in Lebanon is an excellent step towards a clean environment, and improved health;


I propose  a slight modifiction of the law:


1- The Cigarette banning law in Lebanon should be slighltly modified to allow bars\Coffee shops that can prove their profit is mainly based on smoking Nargile, Cigarettes or Cigars to  operate through a state license permit.

2- The government should add taxes to the cigarettes, to make them more expensive and less accessible to the community. As many of the people will stop smoking. The question is who owns the Cigarettes and why they are not still imposing these taxes? A pack in USA cost 7 $ in Lebanon it is still at 1 $.


Suggestion Cigarette Law:

Smoking is banned in all enclosed public places and workplaces, including restaurants and bars. The law exempts private clubs when not open to the public, private residences except when used as a business for healthcare or childcare, designated hotel/motel smoking rooms, retail tobacco stores, licensed cigar or hookah bars, stage performances involving smoking, places where smoking-related scientific research is occurring, religious ceremonies involving smoking, outdoor areas, designated areas in nursing homes as approved by the state, and other tobacco-related workplaces such as farms and distributors.Local governments and boards of health may regulate smoking more strictly than the state.