BEIRUT: On the second day of his visit to Athens, President Michel Sleiman made a plea for the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state, calling it the only way to cement democracy in the Arab world. “Democracy in the Arab world can take root and become stable when Palestinians are given the right to self-determination to establish a sovereign and independent Palestinian state,” said Sleiman, speaking during a joint news conference with Greek Parliament Speaker Vangelis Meimarakis.


Sleiman said there would be no place for moderation in the Middle East without granting the Palestinians the right for a sovereign state, while stressing the need to see the rights of minorities respected in Arab democracies. “If the oppression of the Palestinian people is not stopped and if they are not granted the right for a sovereign state, there will be no place for moderation, and without moderation, there will be no place for democracy,” Sleiman added. [Link]