The last few days saw a further aggravation of the situation in Syria, which forced the US to close its embassy and pull out all its staff to Jordan. Even though US president Barak Obama still thinks crisis can be solved without any military action, the reality on the ground is different as there’s a state of war and no longer riots.


Assad’s forces have been shelling the city of Homs for several days now, causing hundreds of casualties. Meanwhile, Russia & China vetoed a UN draft against Syria two days ago, in a last chance to save Assad’s regime. However, the Americans and Europeans have warned their Russian counterparts that they will regret their decision soon enough.


All this being said, all headlines point to a near military intervention in Syria which will possibly degenerate into a regional war. Lebanon will not be sparred from this war as Iranian-backed Hezbollah announced clearly that it is ready to ignite a new war against Israel if this meant safeguarding the Syrian Regime.