The shift of the US defense Policy.


The Obama administration decided to bring home all troops from Iraq  and soon Afghanistan which are very "unpopular" wars and tapped their best leaders that has been leading these fights  to continue the new kind of fight, intelligence fight,: special mission fights, and Drone attacks to eliminate our enemies. To be able to achieve the following Petraeus nomination as CIA director was very important since he is one of the most powerful commander that has hands-on experience. The nomination of Petraeus as CIA director is easy to understand (A CIA director is less powerful from the previous position of Petraeus but at this point he is one of the few commander that  has the experience to lead the new spying war given his ground experience)  and  Leon Panetta (from CIA)  promoting him to the Secretary of Defense to promote intelligence within the army makes the new  fight of the US and defense strategy clear: A shift from mlitary battle to Special Mission war.