Writen by Malek Fady el Khazen

In response to an article posted by the Tayyar organization from Keserouan:
and more specifically to this statement:
ان من كان بيته من زجاج لا يرشق الناس بالحجارة ومن اراد ان يتكلم عن تاريخ الغير فليدرس تاريخه اولاً وتاريخ اسلافه ، لأن ابناء كسروان لم ينسوا يوماً سياسة الإقطاع والخوات والضرائب التي شهدناها ايام المتصرفية والقائمقامية هذا مع إغفالنا لفضائح بلدية جونية ايام حكمهم وللأحكام القضائية
والسجلات العدلية المنتفخة لاسيما قضية الغرين بيتش في المعاملتين


In fact, under the moutasarrafiya the Khazen family were no longer in power. On the contrary, The Khazen family was not governing because of the 1858 jacquerie rebeillion and this is the exact reason why the Maronites were mistreated by the Ottomans because of lack of leadership in the Maronite ranks. 
Soon, after the  loss of power of the Khazen family in 1858, this was the beginning of the Lebanese downfall to which we  suffer very negatively from it  today; No strong Leader. The actions of the revolution against the Khazen family lead to the suffering of the Lebanese, especially the Maronites during the 1860 massacres (The Druze attacks against the Maronite community). Meanwhile with no leaders the Ottomans regained complete control of Mount Lebanon and established because of pressure from the big powers mainly France, England, Russia the system known as the Mutasarrifiyya headed by a Mutasarrif as you have mentioned in your statement.
The Khazen family rejected the Ottoman control  and offered 2 martyrs fighting against the Ottomans Cheikh Philippe el Khazen and Cheikh Farid el Khazen. Furthermore Cheikh Barbar Beik el Khazen was also ordered for exile early 1910 for trying to overthrow the Ottoman regime.
You are completely correct as citizens of Keserouan we really have enough of Feudalism please start implementing this with the Tayyar party who is currenly in power and support feudalism in their organization and ranks.
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