Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi inaugurated on Sunday the first Maronite church in eastern Europe, calling for an end to the confessional conflict in Lebanon and rejecting the political hegemony of one sect on the others.

During his sermon at Saint Charbel church in the Romanian capital, al-Rahi said: “We ask for an end to the current political-sectarian conflict and the attempt of any of the sects to impose political hegemony on the others and to act unilaterally in decision-making.”

He reiterated the need to form a new all-embracing and capable Lebanese government, which has the ability to confront challenges mainly political and security stability.

“Lebanon has an important role to play in the region to achieve peace and stability through its political system that is based on the separation of religion from the state and the full respect for all religions,” he said. [Link]