Patriarch Bechara el Rai was expected to make a visit to the city of Tripoli but he delayed his visit due to current events and Salafists’ annoucements.  Indeed, Sheikh Al Rafii declared on LBC TV today that the Salafists are not happy with Patriarch Rai’s statements, mainly regarding the situation in Syria as his statements contradict with Jesus Christ’s teachings.

Patriarch Rai did not bother answer but we feel compelled to say a word to such people: No one can claim to know more about our Savior’s teachings than the head of Maronite Church and our Patriarch Mar Bechara el Rai, especially those who spread hatred in the name of their religion and denounce the fact that Jesus Christ is God’s son and the true savior.

Tripoli is a Lebanese city with plently of Maronites and churches and Lebanon’s Patriarch will visit it anytime he wishes so.