It was quite a surprise for some and normal for others witnessing Jumblat’s deviation via its recent statements and critics towards his unnatural allies in the 14th of March camp.

There is no doubt that these changes were stronger than the atomic bomb as described by some Lebanese media.  Jumblat surpassed the taboos and claimed his cold war on his own camp. The message was crystal clear, “he was the backbone and a main creator of this movement and he will destroy it” yet badly received by his allies whom as usually misunderstood the world political and economical changes and repeated the same mistake at the end of the Lebanese war.

The recent election and its post stage produced  a strong Sunni Camp under 1 leadership, Shiite Camp under 1 leadership, a unified Druze camp, and a divided Christian camp under more than 3 grand leaderships each proclaiming its representative majority. This is sad but the fact is what counts. Instead of fortifying the reconciliation under the Patriarch patronage who played a major role in this division. the Christian politicians escalated the inter war situation in which the major players were Nayla Mouawad, Fares Soueid, Boutros harb. Dori shamoun, and Sarmi geagea whom were funded backed and financed by Future movement.

Looking at the political scene recently, it is obvious that these “leaders” have found themselves lost in the middle of a big game in which they have been used as small tools to generate it. History repeats itself many times in Lebanon but as usual, the political elite and quality is not present all the time. They found themselves, used; stabbed and alone in the middle of nowhere not knowing that politics is the art of lying and governing where nothing is stable and sacred. Unfortunately, small interests were activating these players and as per the some Lebanese newspapers “These should resign and stay home”.

Jumblat could be an example of a true political, realistic and pragmatic leadership. At the end of the day and as Lord Palmerstone quoted: “There are no permanent friendships but permanent interests” where Jumblat could be a model.

To the mentioned players above I would like to say the following:

         Read History and learn from it

         Know your enemy

         Don’t lie to people because they never forget

         Be politicians true ones


Paul Kerbage