SIN AL-FIL, Lebanon: A first-ever mobile blood bank launched last month in Lebanon has come just in time, since Ramadan means that more blood drives are needed to pick up the slack during the month of fasting. Outside the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Sin al-Fil sits a van bearing the red logo of Donner Sang Compter and containing world-class technologies used to transport blood to hospitals.

The organization, which has gained popularity over the last few years for its groundbreaking work in safe blood transfusions, launched the first mobile blood bank in Lebanon last month. In the hotel’s recreational and sports center, The Private Club, enthusiastic donors sit on portable blue beds to have their pictures taken as they donate, grinning while the plastic bag connected to the IV line swells with blood.

Volunteers from DSC, in cooperation with Light FM radio, made their way to the hotel along with medical staff from the American University of Beirut Medical Center to receive blood donations. Donor Joey Khalil sits on the portable chair while texting on his mobile phone. This is his 10th blood donation, he says. [Link]