After the first break, the young girls are introduced to the viewers in a reportage about each getting a make-over or "re-looking".

Next, the girls do "the walk" in swimsuits and are given the first marks of the evening.
Alice Tawil is the first to strut her stuff, followed by Carolina Nassar.
Then it’s Geva Eid, followed by Lama Sassine.
Lucia Hourani is next and then Marie-Reine Hankash and Marwa Sakr, followed by Murielle Harika.

Now another set of girls walk on stage; Paloma Mady, Pamela Gemayel, Pamela Jabbour and Pascal Hoteit.
And more girls follow; Ranine Matar, Reem El Khoury, Sonia-Lynn Gabriel and Yara Khoury-Mikhael.

After the break, a reportage about Reem Akra designs and we see the girls try on some of her most breathtaking dresses and gowns.
Now, the girls will appear on stage -in the same order as in the swimsuit segment- in Reem Akra gowns and will be given more marks.
At this point, 6 girls will be disqualified, while 10 will move on to the second stage of the pageant.

Another musical performance from the dance group, followed by the announcing of the 10 girls moving on to the next stage … they are:

– Ranine Matar.
– Alice Tawil.
– Carolina Nassar.
– Pamela Jabbour.
– Sonia-Lynn Gabriel.
– Geva Eid.
– Paloma Mady.
– Pamela Gemayel.
– Yara Khoury-Mikhael.
– Lama Sassine.

Ragheb Alamah performs another one of his songs "Sinin Ray7a w Sinin Gaya". It’s a shame though that the singing was in playback!

After the break, another report about the contestants.
The girls appear in a video singing the Miss Lebanon theme song.
Then they take a tour around some of the historic places and sites in Lebanon.

Next each girl will be asked a question by one of the judges.
The marks each girl gets at this point, is divided 50/50 between her answer and her presence.

As for the 5 girls moving on to the final stage, they are:

– Carolina Nassar.
– Yara Khoury-Mikhael.
– Pamela Jabbour.
– Paloma Mady.
– Sonia-Lynn Gabriel.

The 5 finalists will be asked one question and based on their answer … one will become Miss Lebanon 2011.
The question is about social media, How is social media threatening personal freedom and where do the limits begin and end?

Ragheb Alamah sings again towards the end of the event. This time he sings "Nassini Eddunia".

After the break, it’s a musical performance fit for Las Vegas!
The results will be announced shortly and the queen will be crowned!
Miss Lebanon 2010 arrives on stage to participate in the crowning of the new queen.

The 4th runner up is Pamela Jabbour.
The 3rd runner up is Paloma Mady.
The 2nd runner up is Sonia-Lynn Gabriel.

And the new Miss Lebanon 2011 is Yara Khouri-Mikhael.
And Carolina Nassar is the 1st runner up.




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