Letter from Cheikh Malek el Khazen  to the editor of


Dear Editor: Why do so many of the young, single women, minorities and Latinos support the Democrats? The answer is clear — it is not because of "immigration policy" or "foreign policy" or "social issues" or "moderate Republicans" or "conservatives," as many pundits are claiming. It is simply because of the economy.

Many of these voters have one common factor: lower income. It reminds me that during the election of 1992, Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist James Carville stated: "It’s the economy, stupid."

The Republicans are not attracting these voters because their party is considered:

  1. The party of the rich.
  2. The party of powerful corporations.
  3. The party that is out of touch with the basic needs of lower-income people.

What the Republicans need to do is change these perceptions or they will keep on losing. I am not rich myself, yet I live the American dream based on capitalism and personal freedom, the core beliefs of the Republican Party. In order to win, be bold. A great example is Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign during his recall election!

Malek Khazen