Malek el Khazen: Institution of marriage should be reserved for Christians

Dear Editor: As a Catholic I consider marriage a holy matrimony, by which a man and a woman establish between them a partnership of the whole of life and a religious institution. As a champion for equal rights, I consider the state should not be in the business of marriage or defining marriage.

For the agnostics, atheists and people from different background that would not like to take part of a religious marriage, it is necessary for the state to ratify the laws and allow a “civil union” between a man and woman. But it should not be called a “marriage,” it should be referred to as a “civil union.”

The duty of the state is to represent all its population. So it is unjust for few to allow the meaning of marriage to change from a divine sacrament to just a piece of “contract” completed by the state government. The marriage is a Christian concept. Yes for “civil union” by the state and no to “civil marriage” — because there is no such thing as civil in marriage.

Malek el Khazen


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