Lebanon has come at the bottom of a ranking of women in the lower house or single house of parliament in The Women in Politics Map 2014, launched by the Inter-Parliamentary Union and U.N. Women. The research, which was released on Tuesday, gave Lebanon a 3.1 percent of female representation, putting it 139th in the rankings. There are only four women in the 128-member parliament in Lebanon.


At the bottom of the rankings are Micronesia, Palau, Qatar and Vanuatu without a single woman parliamentarian and 13 countries, with less than 5 percent female representation — Yemen, Oman, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Marshall Islands, Comoros, Lebanon, Iran, Belize, Tonga, Samoa, Haiti and Kuwait. The research, showed the number of women parliamentarians at a record 21.8 percent globally, following a 1.5 percent increase in the past year. [Link]