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According to a video posted to YouTube last week, a Lebanese reality show went awry when a son supposed to be reunited with his mother instead attacked her.

The show is called Bil Akeed (“For Sure”) and specializes in reuniting estranged family members. On a recently filmed episode, the show tried to restore peace between a mother and her fifteen year old son, whom she hadn’t seen in seven years. Ahmed was angry at his mother for initiating divorce proceedings against his father, whom she accused of being physically abusive.

Perhaps the abusive side runs in the family. Ahmed became angry at his mother as she described the divorce proceedings, in which she said his father attacked her, and leapt onto the table and began to kick her. Several crew members had to restrain him.

Watch the clip below, in which you’ll also be delighted to observe that Lebanese reality shows have the same melodramatic black and white slo-mo production values we do: