Lebanese President General Michel Suleiman proposes changing electoral law relating to general elections.

BEIRUT – President Michel Sleiman called in a television speech on Saturday for the establishment of a committee to work towards the abolition of religion-based politics in Lebanon.

"To encourage vast participation (in political life), a national committee should be established and charged with abolishing confessionalism in politics," he said in a speech marking Sunday’s 66th anniversary of independence.

Sleiman also proposed "changing the electoral law relating to general elections in order to obtain better representation and restore to expatriates their rights, including nationality and the right to vote."

BEIRUT, Nov. 21 (Saba)- President Michel Suleiman said Saturday Lebanon has the right to resist to liberate its occupied lands through all legitimate means and available capabilities, according to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) as reported on Saturday.

Suleiman, in a televised address on the eve of the Independence Day, said the collective will of the Lebanese people succeeded in confronting the Israeli aggression and liberate most of the occupied lands. This will, he added, has confronted terrorism.

Suleiman said Lebanon has the right to resist by all legitimate means to liberate the rest of its lands.

He said there should be a plan to reject any form of settlement for the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, but to work on clearning the Lebanese-Palestinian elations.

Suleiman, meanwhile, hoped the new government would carry out with wide-scale reforms for the best interest of citizens.

He said the national dialogue authority, which comprises of senior political leaders, would be meeting soon. Suleiman noted that the authority would not
contradict with the executive authority.

The Lebanese president said conciliation among the Lebanese people was important in a drive to iron out differences and restore rights of immigrants.