BEIRUT: From the tragedy of death came a drive to overcome obstacles, Kataeb Party leader Amine Gemayel said Thursday of his son, Pierre Gemayel, at the seventh commemoration of the minister’s assassination.

“He is still with us daily, and we have overcome a lot of challenges because of him,” an emotional Gemayel said at the Mar Mikhael Church in the Metn area of Bikfaya. “This gathering is evidence that Pierre is still alive among us, praying for us to get over all difficulties.”

“Because of him we have accomplished so much and he has been our inspiration,” he said, in tears.

The church was packed with mourners as part of the annual commemoration of the slain Pierre Gemayel. Family members and friends attended the Mass, holding prayers and singing solemn hymns.

Deputy Speaker Farid Makari was also present, as well as a number of March 14 lawmakers.

The assassinated industry minister and son of former President Amine Gemayel was a leader of the Christian Kataeb Party, which was founded by his grandfather, also named Pierre Gemayel. His uncle and then-President-elect Bachir Gemayel was also assassinated in 1982.

The anti-Syrian minister was shot in broad daylight while driving through the Beirut suburb of Jdeideh in 2006.

Caretaker Environment Minister Nazem Khoury, representing President Michel Sleiman, Speaker Nabih Berri, and caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati, placed a wreath at the statue of Gemayel in Bikfaya.

Head of the Change Movement Elie Mahfoud called for the Kataeb Party, as well other members of the March 14 coalition, to keep looking for Gemayel’s killer and continue calling for justice.

“I ask everyone, starting with the Gemayel family and the Kataeb Party up until March 14 not to give up on the search for the offender,” Mahfoud said.

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Daily Star on November 22, 2013, on page 3.