Khazen prays for Ghassan Tueni and his family. One of the few unique symbols of Lebanon. May he rest in peace! He was one of the pillars of Lebanon


 رحل… فجر النهار


Biographical note 

Born in 1926, Ghassan TUENI is a public figure and a Lebanese journalist.

He occupied several ministerial and diplomatic functions. Holder of a pluralist and tolerant idea of Lebanon and of the Middle East, he is a multi talented person.


After having completed his training and having honed his talents in Harvard, he returns to the country in 1948 in order to carry on the important work of his father Gebrane: the establishment of the An-Nahar daily – reference newspaper in Arabic-. An independent paper towards and against all, carrying the standard of all

free men of the region, open to all the currents, in so much as that they respect the fundamental values and the love of freedom. It was owner of the newspaper until 1999 and continues publishing editorials regularly.


Enthusiastic supporter of the Arabic identity, he took part in the foundation of the first Arabic University of Law, Political Sciences and Economy in 1950. A recognised intellectual, he published numerous works including: A century for nothing: The Arab Middle East from the Ottoman Empire to the American Empire written by Jean Lacouture; The Beyrouth Spring; Allow to live my people: Lebanon to the UN, published by maisonneuve in 1984; A War for the others with Dominica Knight foreword, published by Slats.


As a young Parliamentarian, Ghassan Tueni inspired the Lebanese political community with a spirit of renewal. Minister of education in 1970, he set up an ambitious reform programme. When this came up against the narrow conservatism pettiness and small mindedness, he resigned outright rather than losing its soul, or giving up its ideals and to remain a moral and political support to a government adrift. Ambassador of Lebanon to the UN, he works without interruption to defend the interests of an attacked Lebanon, he had resolution 425 adopted by the Security Council and exclaims: "Let my people live!"


With an independent personality, he never was a man of political conflicts. He was at one point the Deputy of Beirut, as a result of his son’s assassination in an attack in December 2005, the Deputy Gebrane TUENI. In reality, he was willing to raise the torch of freedom held by his son. He is an enthusiastic partisan of the dialogue between the two banks of the Mediterranean and of the civilization alliance advocated by the European summitof Barcelona of 2005, his actions in this direction were encouraged by the handing-over of the honour legion by the French Prime Minister. After a meeting with the Members of the European Parliament of the Mashreq delegation held in Lebanon on Wednesday 3 May 2006, he agreed to be nominated for the Sakharov price 2006, in memory of the following assassinated Lebanese personalities, Rafik Hariri, Bassil Fléhan, Samir Kassir, George Haoui and Gebran Tueni.