I the Crowd – Malek El Khazen

Welcome to my Blog. The purpose of this Blog is to keep you updated with my articles, and political views. Your comments and opinion are much appreciated.
 I believe the main role of a government is to create a safe environment for its citizen. The first and only common reason in any "unstable" country is economical alienation of the population. Through lack of job stability, security and education leaders use social, geographic, ethnic, or religion differences  to assemble the crowd and lead them to extreme positions.

I have chosen the title of this blog as "I the Crowd" because I am part of the system. In general a person or leader can influence  in the decisions-making through clear set of entitites or a clear system (government, parties, lobbies, media) . Usually these entities organize the crowd and prioritize the issues. In our current system, we have a set of laws and regulations that applies to every citizen.  The only new uncertainty that has been introduced in the 21st century is the POWER of the Internet and its ability to break from "current system". But there should be some pre-conditions for a population to revolt which is economical poverty, lack of jobs, security and education.
Now let us discuss a little bit about my political stands to make a difference
Core believes:
To resolve any conflicts the key is to create opportunities, financial stability and ensuring that BASIC needs are available to its citizen:
1.      Health Insurance should be AFFORDABLE to every citizen
2.      Clear goals by introducing equal financial laws, government to create a safe environment for business owners, an easy system that will allow hard working person that are contributing to society to grow and innovate which in return will create career opportunities.
3.      Education and Public schools is the right of every person, equal education is the right of every person. As a government one should offer equal curriculum and ensuring that public schools is as competitive compated to private school
4.      Clear retirement plan
5.      Affordable Housing with affordable lower interest loans and basic energy needs such as Electricity and water, food, gaz should be accessible by all of the population

 When I refer to economical alienation I refer to lack of opportunities, lack of hope, lack of education. In other words when a group of people cannot grow from their current "unstable" situation. Free market is one of the key for success but the government should create a safe environment to enable free market. There should be some regulation to prevent a business of taking the whole monopoly of a country. Creating an environment to enable competition between enterprises is the key for any "happy" and "stable" society to grow  and achieve goals  (knowledge, hobbies, financial) . By nature people need to be rewarded for their Hard Work. Let us take myself as an example; As a full time employee I work very hard because I know at the end of the year I will have a review and depending on my Business results I will be graded and then I will be rewarded. I constantly need to innovate, think outside the box to stay on top of my industry. And this is the "American Way" government create a safe environment for a hard working person to innovate and pursue his goals and then let him or her shine. Let us take a counter example, regardless if you work hard or not if everyone is rewarded equally then you may ask yourself why should I work hard?  The Key is for the government to offer BASIC and EQUAL needs for every citizen and then it depends on the individual and his or her hard work for them to be able to grow and take it to the next level (Main difference btw Europe and America: Granted Rights vs Earned Rights). 
This is a very brief introduction for very complex system and views. I will through articles discuss my views and current hot political financial issues and expend on these subjects. The key to eliminate conflicts: is to create OPPORTUNITIES and prevent economical alienation of the population. To achieve, maintain independance (security) and resolve conflicts we will need to eliminate inequalities and ensuring to provide equal financial OPPORTUNITIES.