Yesterday, the title of Foreign Policy’s "Morning Brief" read "Big Day for International Diplomacy Around the World." The title misleadingly suggested that there were things actually going on in the world this week that we may care to read about.


This week alone saw the beginning of a four-day talk between China and Taiwan (for those of you who don’t follow that part of the world, there’s been a bit of "tension" going on between those two countries since 1949).


This week will also see some very rare "high level talks" between North and South Korea for the first time in seven years.


Yemen is going to become a six-region federation.


Israel hit Gaza a couple of times yesterday.


Turkey and Greece decided to sit together and talk about Cyprus. (It’s been kind of a touchy subject for only the past like, 40 years.)


And of course, this week also brought ROUND 2 of the circus show known as Geneva II, where a Foreign Minister who has less charm than a bulldog (but looks like one) is representing the regime of a mass murderer and is expected to negotiate with an incredibly out of touch opposition. [Link]