The quality of food being served in restaurants and pubs is gaining more and more attention as inspections and reports done by TVs are showing alarming results. Only two weeks ago, over 60 people were presumably poisoned at a very well known Arabic sweets shop, yet actions are yet to be taken against the shop.

Added to that, one might think that top restaurants have their reputation to keep and would never neglect their food, while the opposite is true as it is shown in this report by Sulome Anderson from the Daily Star.

“The refrigerators don’t work, foods get stacked on top of each other,” he says. “You have vegetables that come in, they stay in the open air for a couple of days, then the mould comes in and the worms, and when you tell them, they just pick [out] the rotten ones and throw them away but leave the rest.”

You can read the full article [here].