Endorsement of the Catholic-Maronite Foundation, Malek Khazen – Support to Tommy Thompson!


1-Budget expertise

The Obama policies are out of control the national debt has spiked to more than $15 trillion and is growing. Our nation was built on a simple promise – that the next generation will be better off than today’. Do you feel that the new generation is better of today after 4 years of Democrats control? Ask yourself which senate candidate has a proven experience in bringing back accountability and growth to the economy? Which candidate served as Secretary of health Services? The answer is clearly Tommy with legitimate experience. When serving as a Governor of the great state of Wisconsin Tommy created more than 740,000 new jobs. He led policies that resulted prosperity to the state and cut a total of income plus property taxes of 2.4 Billion Dollar in Wisconsin. What we need now is experience maturity and not a candidate that will be just learning or blind followers. We need leaders. Candidate that can execute, innovate and be author of bold initiatives.

Tommy has a clear plan from first day in Congress to implement. He will be the leader that Wisconsin and US need  by implementing clear policies some example: 1) support to Paul Ryan‘s Path to Prosperity plan. 2)  Tommy is the only candidate in this race who will cap both federal spending, and as importantly revenues, keeping government in-check on both sides of the equation. As a governor he succeeded to create many jobs, cutting spending, simplifying tax reform and   3) Tommy’s proposed budget process reform would hold senators accountable for passing a budget — failure to do so would result in a forfeiture of the senators pay.  Every person and office holder need to take responsibility of their actions! 4) Finally each vote is key for Wisconsin and the nation: implement "real" solutions without having other people or government decide your future and Health insurance.