Compare and Contrast French and US election. Surprising numbers.


Compare and Contrast electoral Map and votes of the  United States presidential election in 2008  vs Electoral Map in France votes in 2012.

Surprising numbers about  French and US elections

 Blue votes  represents the Right (under Sarkozy) and the Red votes represent the Left (under Hollande).  In USA the Red represents the GOP and the Blue represents the Democrats. So French voters are completely opposite compared to USA voters
Notice, In France, the people  from rural cities vote Left, while in USA the center vote RIght.
Cities such as Marseille, Nice, Saint Dennis vote overwhelmingly Right in France  vs in USA,  California, Hawaii, Boston vote Left.
I cannot not question myself, why corporate France vote overwhelmingly Right in France and in USA cities as New York, Chicago, California vote overwhelmingly Democrats.
Sarkozy faced the same faith as George H Bush. Sarkozy faced strong opposition from the extreme conservatives in France (LePen) and George H Bush faced strong opposition from conservatives in 1992 election (Perot votes)
Sarkozy and George H bush came after 3 terms of Right being in power (2 terms for Reagan and 1 Term for Bush41) While in France Sarkozy lost after 3 terms of the right being in power (Chirac 2 terms, Sarko 1 term)
The economy in both cases is extremely bad
George H Bush strong in Foreign policy but dealt with bad economy. Sarkozy strong on Foreign policy but weak locally. 
Both of them Lost faith of their own parties