During the Hamade rule in the regions of Jbeil and Batroun, the  economic and social conditions deteriorated. However when Prince Youssef el Chehabi took over, he worked hard on reviving these two provinces by boosting the economy and rebuilding the impoverished towns. During the year 1771, Prince Youssef appointed Cheikh Rameh Haydar el Khazen, from the house of Cheikh Abou Nawfal el Khazen from Ajaltoun, as a ruler over Lehfed, Tartij, Jaj and Saki Rechmyayya in Jbeil. 

Cheikh Rameh chose the town of Saki-Rechmayya to settle in and chose the Monastery of Saint Edna as his main residence after he renovated it. Moreover, he decided to build a church in honor of Saint Edna inside the monastery. Cheikh Rameh’s children and grandchildren inherited the Church and kept it under their supervision. It is nowadays handled by Cheikh Haydar Ragheb el Khazen.