Cheikh Ramy el Khazen nominated at THE FINALISTS OF GREEN MIND AWARD!

Cheikh Ramy el Khazen has been selected part of the top 3 finalists to proceed to the final evaluation in the “Green Mind Individual” category. He competed against thousands of green projects submitted to the Green Mind Award Committee.

Green Mind Award is a yearly prestigious event to encourage the best Green practice of both the public and private sectors.  The Ceremony will receive extensive media coverage. It will be aired on LBCI on April 22nd, 2014 on the International Earth Day. Keynotes Speakers in the award ceremony will include HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Mr Carlos Ghosn Chairman of Nissan.

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Information about Cheikh Ramy el Khazen project: The Junkyard

Cheikh Ramy have created a restaurant\bar concept using a combination of containers, architecture & design, as well as some creativity with recycling and container. The location would be in the heart of Beirut squeezed in between old buildings, still carrying scars of war. The architecture review consists of 12 shipping containers spread over 1200sqm land, where some are stacked on top of each other to form a two-story venue, with an industrial lift on the side carrying people all the way up to the roof top. It consists of an interior area, rooftop and outdoor junk garden bar, accommodating up to 700 people. The decoration and the functional areas of the restaurant are all made up  of reused/recycled/transformed materials like a 1936 tractor used as a façade for the bar, or the back of a garbage collector truck turned into a 12 person VIP dining area with a  small private balcony. The end result is really appealing and one of a kind.