BEIRUT: Nusra Front released a video of captured soldiers and members of the Internal Security Forces asking Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria or else their kidnappers would kill them. "This apostate group is killing our Sunni families in Syria while it has no business in doing so. I call on my people in Taraya to hold protests against this apostate group. If they don’t, we will be killed,” a soldier who identified himself as Mahmoud Maarouf Hamaye said.
Hamaye was among nine ISF officers and troops who were seated in a group with a large tent-like material hanging in the back alongside the Nusra Front black flag. “If you don’t withdraw from Syria, these people will kill us. You have no business in Syria and I am a Shiite,” an ISF officer said, addressing the camera. “I call on my relatives and every Shiite [to know] that Hezbollah has nothing [to do in Syria] … they are killing heroes.” [Link]