FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) – The bankruptcy administrator of German construction company Walter Bau AG said Monday he has had a Lebanese passenger jet impounded as collateral for debts owed by the Lebanese government.Walter Bau had the Airbus A321, owned by Lebanon’s flagship carrier Middle East Airlines, impounded while it was parked at the airport in Istanbul, Turkey, Friday, administrator Werner Schneider said.An international arbitrator previously confirmed Walter Bau’s claim against Lebanon, Schneider said. The Lebanese have contested the seizure.

The administrator says Lebanon has owed Augsburg-based Walter Bau, Germany’s third-largest construction company, US$7.1 million (euro5.9 million) in unpaid bills for years.Walter Bau is also in the process of trying to claim US$100 million (euro82.8 million) in unpaid bills from Thailand for the construction of a highway. The case has yet to be taken up by an international arbitrator.