The March 14 majority leaders held Saturday in Beirut their second annual conference set to launch the parliamentary elections campaign under the title "June 7 – crossing over to a state," Future TV reported. March 14 Secretariat General Coordinator Faris Soaid read the charter of the group which he said is "committed to protecting Lebanon from Israeli threats by fully implementing UN resolution 1701, ensure that only the state has the complete control over the arms in the country, adopt democracy as the system of governing under which violence is refused, and commitment to the UN charter and UN resolutions."

Soaid said that their basic objective is to impose the authority of the state on all its territories according to the Taef accord, "which states that there should be no arms out of the state control."  All rival Lebanese parties gave up their arms according to the Taef accord which ended the civil war in 1989, except the Shiite group Hezbollah, which is still keeping its arms to resist Israel.  The charter pointed out that the upcoming elections on June 7 represent a crossing road which will determine the future of Lebanon by choosing between a threatened state and a permanently secure one. The March 14 charter also called for ending dispute with Syria, "which means the cease of Syrian intervention in Lebanese affairs and completing the exchange of diplomatic ties between the two countries," as well as the control and demarcation of boarders between them.