President George W. Bush says Lebanon

" Lebanon has really been committing itself that we want the change to happen to — in a democratic and a peaceful manner, but at the same time, to really stay course — on course; that we are there to meet the expectations of the people to have a united, liberal, free country, and, at the same time, prosperous economy. . . .The United States has been of great support to Lebanon. I am really convinced that President Bush and the United States will stand beside Lebanon to have Lebanon stay as a free, democratic, united, and sovereign state."

"Out of the tough times [Lebanon] has been through," said President Bush, "will rise a state that shows that it’s possible for people of religious difference to live side-by-side in peace; to show that it’s possible for people to put aside past histories to live together in. . . .peace and hope and opportunity."

The preceding was an editorial reflecting the views of the United States Government.