Beirut, July 12, (BNA) The Lebanese cabinet which held an emergency meeting today to discuss the Israeli assaults, decided to call back its Ambassador to US, Fareed Abboud, for giving what were described as irresponsible statements that contradict with his country’s stance and policies.
The Lebanese cabinet decided as well to keep its sessions open to monitor Israel‘s aggressions against the country, calling on the citizens to preserve their national unity and solidarity to confront external dangers.


Lebanon‘s Ambassador to the U.S. called Wednesday for an exchange of two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah for Arab prisoners held by Israel and the withdrawal of Israel from Lebanese territory.
"If there is a solution to be found, (it) should be…negotiations to the withdrawal of the Israelis from the Lebanese-occupied territories and the release of Lebanese prisoners," Farid Abboud, Lebanese Ambassador to the U.S., said on Cable News Network.
"An exchange would be appropriate and it would solve the problem."
Two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon early Wednesday. Israeli troops then entered Lebanon. Seven Israeli soldiers have been killed in the fighting with Hezbollah.