Fiction to Mirror Reality


By Pierre Khazen

Crossia is a hypothetical state geographically located in Africa. The population of this country descend from different countries in the Middle East and Europe. The official religion in this country is Christianity and the official language is English and Italian. The system is a democratic system that is based upon the continental, and Anglo – American system.

Crossia is a country that was founded on the firm basis that Crossia is a Christian country, established for Christians around the world and mainly Christians in the Middle East. The main cause for this strict definition derives from the fact that the Christians in the Middle East suffered dearly from their foreign rulers since ancient times and they realized that after their long continuous suffering it was time they created a self definition identity shaped as a self country.

Crossia’s nation and mostly from the Middle East suffered from discriminating laws against them, harassment on religion basis, low self esteem, lived in hard conditions and life threatening circumstances and in the end they were massacred.

When the massacres occurred, the United Nations and the US including the west decided and supported the idea that these Christian minorities around the Middle East have to be protected by creating an independent state to avoid such massacres to happen again. This Christian minority was divided to two opinions: One opinion supported this option whilst the other opposed it having they lived their entire life in their home original country.

After they had attended congresses they formed post massacres, the issue of creating a self country started to seem a possibility. There was a big debate as to the geographical region where the country will be founded. Some suggested in Africa having in Africa there was much of land to establish a state. Others suggested in the Middle East while there was a suggestion that a European country would contribute land to establish the state. In the end the country was founded on an African soil in south west Africa.

The thinkers of this country were not sure which language should be the official in Crossia. Some suggested English as this is a universal language most spoken on an international level, others suggested Italian having this language is a symbol of Christianity. In the end, it was agreed on using both languages, initially taught at schools and as time moves on these languages become official languages in Crossia.

These days, the number of population in Crossia estimates around 200000 where the system is based on the notion that Crossia is an immigration country, priority to Christians in the Middle East and others from Europe and other continents on a more restricted basis where Christians in the Middle East are entitled to receive automatic nationality when entering the country while the latter will have to work and settle down in the country for one year to receive the Crossian nationality.

Crossia is similar to Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, as they are contemporary countries created by man rather than nature. Crossia is similar to Iceland having the number of population is dull and Crossia is similar to Malta as it is a tiny country.

As the country is supposed to be extremely and purely Christian, the name Crossia was chosen. If we to analyze the name Crossia, I will have to divide it to two parts: Cross and ia. Cross is to indicate how Christian Crossia is, and as one of the official languages in the country is English I chose the word Cross. As to ia, these two letters have been chosen to link the name to the Italian language as the other official language in the country is Italian and by this to Christianity and the pope.

The word cross or Crossia as a whole, will derive from the fact that the Christians in the Middle East suffered that much to the degree of massacres leading to say that they were crucified just merely because they were Christians and this is the reason that the country is called Crossia.

* Crossia is a fiction state which does not exist in reality. Writer of this article created this country using mind and imagination including history data.

* This article will want to make a point and form a mirror in a sophisticated way to what Christians in Lebanon are going through since its civil war and till these days.

* This article was published previously in the discussion forum of this website.

* This article was meant to be published again in this section due to good feedback it received and to extent that it was called "a piece of art".

* This article was republished on 7 November 2005.

* This article was originally written on 20 October 2004.