Lebanese Minister of Energy And Water, Mohammed Fneish, underlined Sunday importance of preserving "the distinguished relation with Syria .. To fortify Lebanon against foreign interventions and against the Israeli danger we must have good ties with Syria," Fneish said in political symposium in Shqra town, shorthorn Lebanon.

The minister stressed that those who want to create disagreement with Syria, they definitely want to weaken Lebanon.Head of al-Wafaa Bloc for the Lebanese Resistance at the Lebanese parliament Mohammed Raad called upon all political powers in Lebanon for a national dialogue including all on national issues on top of which are relation with Syria, preserving the resistance and its weapon as well, as revealing the truth about the crime that claimed the life of Lebanese ex-Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri. The Lebanese MP called all sides to take their stances and decisions away from the "illusions of international support and interference."
During a dialogue symposium in Tyre in southern Lebanon, Lebanese ex-minister Wiaam Wahhab emphasized that the only solution for Lebanon is to form a new government of national unity and establish early parliamentary election.

He noted that disarming Hizbullah plays into the Israeli interest, pointing out that the resistance constitutes "a deterring power in facing the Israeli aggressions against Lebanon."

Lebanese MP Ali Bizzi stressed in a statement that realizing national reconciliation is the main condition to strengthen and enhance the Lebanese national unity, adding "decisive decisions must be taken in accordance with all Lebanese sides."