LONDON, August 5 (IranMania) – Lebanese Hizbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrollah in a meeting here Wednesday with Iran’s Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Hassan Rowhani said, “Hizbollah has a national objective which is supporting Lebanon’s sovereignty against Israel threats”, according to IRNA. In the meeting, Nasrollah emphasizing Hizbollah’s efforts and tireless campaign against Israel and its victory in this holy war said the recent Hizbollah victories in political arena is a turning point in the life of the movement. Referring to the common interests of the two countries’ nations and governments, Rowhani said Hizbollah is the only power in the region which resists against occupying policies of Israel and has gained victory. SNSC secretary referred to US and Israeli efforts to separate people from Hizbollah and its disarmament and added sacrifice in confronting with enemies is a clear character of this popular movement and the support shown by Lebanese people, from Shia’, Sunni, Christian and other ethnic groups is a clear reason for this claim. Regarding Iran’s nuclear dossier and the US efforts to deprive Iran of achieving nuclear technology, Rowhani stressed that Iranian nation and government intend to have nuclear science for peaceful objectives.