Jumblat Proposes solution for disarming Palestinians and Hezbullah

May 22 , 2005 

Mukhtara, Lebanon: In an interview the Abu Dhabi TV Saturday night,opposition leader Walid Jumblat proposed the formation of a “Palestinian army Brigade” attached to the Lebanese army as a solution

for the dispute over the arms issue in Lebanon’s 12 refugee camps. This brigade, which will be like the Palestinian army brigades in Lebanon and Syria, would disarm the camps under orders from the Lebanese army command.

This type of brigade would constitute a solution to the raging controversy over Hizbullah’s weapons in the sense that Hezbullah, would also create a similar organization to surrender its weapons too, according to Jumblatt.

This could be a very smart solution that would solve the problem of militia disarmament as required under the 1559 UN resolution. The Hezbullah organization is considered a resistance movement by the Lebanese government but guerilla organization by the UN.