Syria and Lebanon discussed Sunday the joint cooperation and implementation of in the electricity network cooperation.

During a meeting with Lebanese Minister of Energy Mohammed Fneish, Electricity Minister Moneib Sa’em al-Dahr described the cooperation between the two states in field of electricity energy as “productive and it brings benefit to both Syrian and Lebanese people.” “Syria has been committed to every item in every agreement particularly of this agreement with Lebanon,” the minister said.

Meantime, al-Thawra daily said Sunday about supplying Lebanon with electricity that the General-Director of the Sextet Electricity Grid Project Majid al-Omareen said “the project has reached final stages, the cost of the project inside the Syrian land reached $ 2 million.

The project aimed at decreasing costs of establishing power generating plants and saving the primary reserve of electricity, as well as to guarantee the feed for the linking networks during emergency conditions in Syria and Lebanon