Arab League (AL) Secretary-General Amr Moussa Saturday said that the Arab mediation for Lebanese political crisis will continue and warned against more escalation, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corp. TV reported. "I can not say that the Arab initiative to solve the Lebanese crisis was a success nor I can say it was a failure, but I assure it will not stop," Moussa told reporters at a news conference held in Lebanese government offices.

Moussa also called for no more escalation for the current crisis because "Lebanon is facing a dangerous turning point." The AL chief previously arrived here on Tuesday for a new round of talks with Lebanese rival leaders, and then left for Damascus for couple of days seeking for Syrian backing to ease the growing tensions in Lebanon.

During his Tuesday visit in Lebanon, the Moussa held separate talks which he described as "positive" with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, Premier Fouad Seniora, parliamentary majority leader Saad Hariri, Free Patriotic Movement leader Michael Aoun and ex- president Amin Gemayel.

After he wrapped up his visit in Syria on Thursday night, Moussa told reporters that he was very satisfied with Syria’s support for his mediation efforts.

Lebanon’s sectarian tension in the cabinet began to escalate last month when six pro-Syrian ministers resigned after Seniora and the anti-Syrian majority in the parliament rejected the opposition’s demand for a new national unity government.

In the wake of their resignation, the opposition said that Seniora’s government had lost its legitimacy since Shiite Muslims are no longer represented.

However, the anti-Syrian ruling parliamentary majority has accused the opposition of doing Damascus’s and Tehran’s bidding and seeking to undermine the formation of an international tribunal on the case of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s killing.

Source: Xinhua