BEIRUT: The Lebanese Forces (LF) and the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) agreed Thursday to postpone any decisions concerning the presidency until the UN investigation into the assassination of former Premier Rafik Hariri releases new results, expected in the next few weeks.

"We share with [LF leader] Samir Geagea the view that deciding the next step regarding the presidency will have to wait until the UN investigator Detlev Mehlis releases his final report," said Major General Issam Abu Jamra after meeting with Geagea. Abu Jamra was representing FPM leader Michel Aoun during the discussions.

He added that the subject is so complicated "we cannot decide anything off hand or on the spot. We need to consider other related developments in Lebanon and the region."

Metn MP Walid Khoury, representing the Reform and Change Parliamentary bloc, accompanied Abu Jamra at the meeting. Khoury said Aoun does not actually support President Emile Lahoud, but fears that a political vacuum may result if Lahoud resigned immediately.

"We preferred not to raise the issue now, but because many other political groups are discussing it, we must contribute to reaching an agreement that would unite the Christian leaders," Khoury added.

He said that reaching a Christian consensus on all points of concern is not practical in a democratic society. "There will always be disagreements, but in the end we must decide what is in the interest of all components of the Lebanese society."

Abu Jamra asserted that consultations will continue between the two parties and that Geagea is very interested to resume the talks and intensify the meetings.

"A meeting between Geagea and Aoun will happen soon," Abu Jamra said. "However, the security precautions are the main reason for the delay."

He added that the meetings took place with the full knowledge of Geagea and Aoun. "Our meetings are part of an agreement reached between the two major Christian parties and designed to find common grounds on how to go through the current transitional stage and prepare future strategies together."

Khoury said differences between Aoun and Geagea are not deep and can be bridged easily.

"Aoun will change his position if the investigation linked Lahoud to in any way to killing Hariri," said Khoury. "In the meantime, Aoun says Lahoud is not the only problem in the country. … We did not discuss the presidency alone but other pressing issues as well, on which we have similar views."