naharnet, Hayek Projects a Little Bad News, a Lot of Good for 2008
Michel Hayek, Lebanon’s most famous psychic, predicted that the year 2008 will generally bring good news, but warned of some bad news.
Hayek said obstacles that faced the election of a new president for Lebanon will "soon disappear," but warned that a "spell" will continue to prevail at the Baabda Palace and its environs. He did not elaborate.

He predicted that the next 18 months will be influenced by prosperous banking system, new investments, building of dams and tourist projects along the Lebanese coast.

Hayek, however, warned that the Lebanese Forces as well as its leader Samir Geagea will be targeted in 2008.

He also pointed to "negative intentions" against Lebanese Forces MP Antoine Zahra and former MP Faris Soeid.

Hayek predicted that Free Patriotic Movement leader Gen. Michel Aoun and a number of his aides will be subject to "vicious operations." He did not reveal the nature of these actions.

Politically, Hayek spoke about historic hand-shakings that could bridge the gap among some Lebanese figures.

Hayek expected Hizbullah to achieve an additional success in swapping prisoners with Israel, though at a "high cost."

Last October on New Tv, Hayek mentioned the following:

Hayek said “ hold onto your properties “ !

The Lebanese wait from year to year to hear his predictions . In Lebanon he is known as the "Millennium Nostradamus"

Here is a listing of the predictions :

– The presidential elections will be used as a pretext to put the Lebanese Republic itself at risk. The conspiracy plan is still in the planning stage and it is not too late for the Lebanese to overcome it, Hayek warned

– There won”t be a civil war, only smaller clashes here and there

– The presidential elections will take place despite the latest turmoil.

– The economic and monetary situation in Lebanon will overcome many grand obstacles or crisis with success and Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh will shine further. Hayek sensed a dark image surrounding Salameh and warned him to be careful since his life is in danger.

– Real estate boom to be expected. Hold on to your properties people!

– Numerous important regional and International business and economic summits shall take place in Lebanon.

– Several Lebanese women (about 4) will receive international honorary titles, including TV anchor May Chediac , former Minister Layla Solh Hamadeh and most probably the wife of a former president .

– Lebanon will not be partitioned into confessional cantons.

– Security threats and assassinations will go on, despite a breakthrough in the investigations.

– Skirmishes between Lebanon, Israel and Syria.

– Fireworks will fill the sky of some Lebanese cities celebrating the departure of the head of the Israeli government.

Here are some detailed predictions :

– Shaker El Absi will not remain an obscure matter; He will reappear with a new facet.

– There will be a fight or scuffle in Down Beirut where the opposition sit-in protest is taking place and some tents will be dismantled and removed .

– Despite Michel Suleiman efforts and achievements, he and the Lebanese army, will be the target of a smear campaign to discredit him and damage his reputation and image.

– A wave of disturbances or turmoil will stir the public opinion, and new political alignments will take place.

– Hayek said that he sees a lot of disturbing images for the Lebanese army . Many changes in the ranks will take place . The army will confront terrorist groups as well as civil disobediences . This outbreak of violence will lead to the spreading of military forces throughout the country to enforce security and stability.

– Prime Minister Fouad El Siniora and General Michel Aoun will face a new conspiracy. Despite the darkness of the image Hayek sees a new stand or opinion, a new authority or leadership position and a new direction ..

– To undermine a conspiracy, Hezbollah chief will take a decision that could surprise the public.

– Hezbollah will demand clarifications or an investigation regarding an incident which will target one of its leading members

– Unanticipated gesture by former president Emile Lahoud towards former president Amine Gemayel.

– A controversial billboard could create some problems in a certain area of Lebanon.

– French President Nicolas Sarkozy will face a critical crisis, which will leave a negative effect on him

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