Foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki Thursday held separate meetings with Lebanese spiritual leaders to discuss latest developments in the Muslim and Arab world and stance of the Islamic Republic of Iran on international issues. In his meeting with the Lebanese Religious Leader Muhammad Hussein Fazlallah, he referred to the significant role of Ulema in guiding Muslim communities and said the Ulema have focal role in restoring law and order.

Highlighting Iran’s domestic and foreign policies, he said new government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is to act based on justice seeking and loving people which led to massive presence of people in national rallies to mark the 27th anniversary of triumph of the Islamic Revolution on February 11. On Iran’s legitimate rights on peaceful application of nuclear energy, Mottaki said the issue of scientific and technological know-how is not a simple issue to be ignored because implementation of the task is a national demand and the psychological and political war master-minded by the US has nothing to do with the firm determination of Iranian nation.

Mottaki expressed disgust at publication of sacrilegious cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in some European press as an improper and immoral move which injured Muslims sentiments worldwide.

Referring to the very sensitive developments in the Middle East region, Fazlallah said the enemies of the region and the Islamic Republic of Iran have launched propaganda campaign under the title ‘Evil Crescent’ against Iran but "In our opinion it is ‘Welfare Crescent’ which gain support of people in the region."
The Iranian officials wisely conduct their diplomacy and are aware of their points of strength and their enemies weak points, he said.

America seeks to impose sanctions against Muslim World to deprive them of technological know-how, he said adding that they want the Muslims remain dependent on them, the religious leader said.

Fazlollah praised Iran’s resistance to conducting scientific research along with the country’s move to advance science and technology.

On coordination between Iran and Syria in dealing to foil the plots hatched by the enemies, Fazlollah called the move as significant and called for continued exchange of visits between the two sides officials to this end.

Europeans should understand that the Muslim world never tolerate any sacrilege to their religious sanctities and the reaction of Muslims in condemning publication of cartoons was very natural, Fazlollah said.

Iranian foreign minister arrived in Beirut on Wednesday and conferred with political and spiritual leaders in the country to exchange views with them. 1430/1416