2006 Al Bawaba , Lebanese contestant Joseph Attieh won the title of Star Academy 3 by winning 55.15% of the votes defeating his opponent Egyptian contestant Hani Hussein who received 29.2% of the votes and Moroccan Hana Al Idreesi who received 15.65%.The final episode of the popular program featured Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury and Australian singer Tina Araira.Joseph is the first Lebanese to ever win the title of Star Academy with the first round going to Egyptian Mohammad Attieh and the second round to Saudi Hisham Abdul Rahman.   
Star Academy was aired on the Lebanese Broadcasting Company (LBC) for a period of four months, and each week one of the contestants out of 19 was eliminated. It is a reality TV show started in 2003 that features a group of young male and female candidates from all over the Arab world. It is the Arabic adaptation of the French television show Star Academy produced by Netherlands company Endemol.The show is a competition to find the best young singer in the Arab world. The concept is training the students in several disciplines: singing, acting, vocalizing, theatre expression, musical culture and gymnastics. Then, each week, the three weakest students are nominated. During the prime show, where they perform and sing along with famous singers, the nominated student that didn’t win, neither by the public vote, or by its fellows’, is out of the game.

The show proved to be immensely popular, drawing at a time nearly 80% of the Lebanese adolescent every week, and confirmed LBC’s title as one of the best TV station in the Arab world.